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My Stolen Heart

How did you do this to me in such a short time?

How did I fall in love with you so quickly?

I do not yet know your language

or how to live within all that you are

but I already know it is going to be hard to live without you.

Maybe you stole my heart the first morning…

Bekia you cried to me at dawn

the cry itself a vow

to take what is broken

and bring it back to life -

to make old things new again

Maybe you stole my heart the first night…

Darkness fell and your energy became

something I could touch

and feel within my soul -

colors and sounds and life

echoing through every street

I think I know the answer now.

To why you took hold of my heart so quickly.

I didn’t need to know your language

to understand the souls of your people

who broke through every single barrier to love me first.

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